Main Meals
(Minimum order $50)

Chicken Tetrazzini $16/pp

Chicken tenders and sautéed mushrooms, in a white wine parmesan cream sauce on fresh fettuccini noodles

Sides: garlic toast & caesar salad with house made dressing

Beef Stir Fry $15/pp

Sautéed beef and vegetables with a teriyaki soy sauce

served with basmati rice

*gluten free*

Turkey Meatballs $14/pp

Garlic-ginger turkey meatballs served over sweet potato

& apple curry

Spaghetti & Meatballs $16/pp

Rustic tomato sauce with home made meatballs with fresh spaghetti noodles

Sides: garlic toast & caesar salad with house made dressing

Chicken Supreme $15/pp

Baked chicken supreme with caramelized shallots & honey balsamic glaze

Sides: butternut squash & spinach spatzle noodles

Teriyaki Striploin Dinner $28/pp

AAA beef striploin marinated in our home made teriyaki sauce
Sides: roasted potatoes & vegetables

*gluten free*

Mexican Zucchini Boats $14/pp

A Mexican medley of beans, peppers, corn, onions & rice packed with flavour and baked with cheese in a hollowed out zucchini 

*gluten free*vegetarian*


Naan Bread Pizza 

So easy to assemble, your kids can do it themselves!

Cheese $7/pp or Pepperoni $8/pp

Chicken Fingers $8/pp

All white meat chicken fingers & home fries


Caesar Salad $5/pp min 2

Traditional caesar salad with bacon bits, croutons, parmesan cheese and house made dressing

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup $6/pp min 2

Home made butternut squash soup, simply warm and serve

*gluten free*


Wings $10/pp

12 wings with choice of sauce – yukon gold, hot, honey garlic, BBQ, honey hot, salt & pepper

Garlic Toast $2/pp min 2

Individual slices ready to go! In the oven & enjoy with any meal

Nachos $7/pp min 2

Tri-coloured tortillas chips with tomatoes, bacon, red onion, olives, jalapeños & shredded cheese served with sour cream, salsa 

*gluten free* 

Bruschetta & Baguette $6/pp min 2

Baked baguette with house made bruschetta

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